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Art Gallery

Through our workshops and art programs in hospitals and headquarters, patients become artists.

Donde Quiero Estar began 14 years ago as a resilience space within a hospital. We took as a reference the tiles on the walls that surrounded the patients while they were receiving chemotherapy, and we decided to use blank wooden supports, the same size as the tiles, to be used as pictures. Endless imaginative possibilities opened up. The space and time of chemotherapy were redefined. The room was filled with color and calm that only those who have had contact with art know. The hospital was never the same again. The patients became protagonists, whose works transcend the hospital, establishing themselves as artists when they arrived at the Sívori Museum in 2019.




Take a look at some of the work done during chemotherapy.

in Pediatrics

Animated shorts in the Pediatric Hospital Workshops

cleo en baja.jpg
"Today I am" program

Patients become characters they admire.

Competition and Exhibition

Exhibition and annual festival of pictures painted during chemotherapy.

Our artworks

Here you can see some of the works created by patients during chemotherapy.

Made with acrylic and mixed techniques on 30x30cm fibrofacil wood. and 3mm. of thickness

Animated shorts

On the YouTube channel of the Animation and Reflexology Workshop we are uploading weekly the shortfilms animated by children and adolescents who participate in the workshop at the "Ricardo Gutiérrez" Children's Hospitals, CABA and "Santísima Trinidad" Córdoba.

  • Canal de YouTube



Created since 2015 at the "Ricardo Gutiérrez" and "Santísima Trinidad" Children's Hospitals


annual visits

Annually we have 800 visits to oncology hospital rooms, offering art workshops and reflexology sessions.



1,900 children, adolescents and their families have been benefited since 2015.


annual hours

Accompaniment time shared by our volunteers with the interned children.

Today I am

One day they confirm her cancer diagnosis, another day she transforms into Cleopatra ...

"Today I am" is an invitation to open up possibilities. To shed, just for a while, our being and take the form of that person we admire, who makes us curious, who always intrigued us.

The goal is to achieve The photo.

The one that manages to capture the spark of connection, where the character and the person meet, where everything is possible.

For this we call makeup artists, costume designers, photographers, producers and we do a photography day.

Photography: Gloria Gradin / Styling and Making off: Erika Tomas / Costumes: Fátima Christie Newbery and Martín D'Agosto

Hair and Makeup: Manuela Schedlbauer / Photomontage: Iván Dietrich / Direction: María de San Martín,

Hoy Soy
Art shows and contests

"From the hospital to the museum"


Every year we hold an exciting exhibition of paintings made during chemotherapy. An opportunity for each patient to consecrate himself as an artist by exhibiting his works in a museum, sharing them with many people. More than 200 pictures of all the hospitals where the foundation works, and of the workshop in the headquarters are exhibited. In addition, the shorts made in the pediatric workshops are screened; and jury and voting prizes are awarded to the artists. A great festival of encounters, emotions and well-deserved tributes. Patients, volunteers, coordinators, families and health teams from the hospitals come together to celebrate art and life.




During the first 10 years of the foundation (2006-2015), the art show and contest was held at the Hospital de Clínicas "José de San Martín", CABA, where the foundation was born. As the replications of the program in different hospitals grew, the number of paintings and artists multiplied. It was then time to enlarge the festival: from 2016 to 2018 it was held at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, and in 2019 at the Sívori Museum, CABA.

Posters of the 2011-2020 samples

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