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We promote interdisciplinary work among the different service professionals, generating a group dynamic in which both the patient and the health team are involved.

We want the patient to become the protagonist of their own recovery. We take advantage of the hospitalization time during the application of chemotherapy to share between all different activities as therapeutic resources:

- Artistic work / Painting

- Reflexology

- Relaxation and breathing techniques

- Photographic record

- Group Experience

- Virtual reality


Our main program is work in chemotherapy rooms. We work with a team of volunteers who provide art workshops and reflexology sessions to patients during the application of chemotherapy. We generate a climate of containment by promoting a group dynamic in which both the medical team, the patients and their families engage in the same creative activity.

Extension programs:

Workshops at headquarters

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Workshop on Digital Animation in Pediatrics

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Training and development for volunteers

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Advice to


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Other activities:

Building Bridges

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Today I am

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From Hospital to Court Program

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I want to help

Where I Want To Be we improve the quality of life of people with cancer. We need your support to be able to reach more people and help them navigate their illness and transform their reality. With your monthly contribution we can reach more hospitals and grow our programs.

"Art is true healing, more than the chemo applied to you"

Oscar Cabos


“Life surprised me. I started to be part of the Fundación Donde Quiero Estar where the most valuable thing they have and give that is irretrievable is their time in which they give art, reflexology and provide supportive therapy. Here there is a lot of trouble, but it's a mess that helps people and reaches what they need most ”

Alicia temeladri

"Where I Want To Be is the place where the soul is preserved while the body heals"

Veronica Sanguinetti

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